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Free Face Painting Ideas
by Jay Wilson

Here are some excellent free face painting ideas that will make you a smash hit at your next party or event!
When face painting, don't stop with the face, include body painting also. This is always a hit. Kids go crazy for body painting. This is great to do because it makes the kids feel like they are wearing a costume and they really have fun with the character that they have been painted as. Whether it be a king or a witch, this idea is a 'no fail' when it comes to pleasing youngsters. And don't worry about the time this may take. Just keep it simple, short, and sweet and it?s a snap!

Another of the free face painting ideas is for you to try mixing and using makeup with your face painting. Taking some cosmetic makeup and combining it with face painting is an awesome idea. You can use blush to create rosy cheeks on a princess or eye liner pencil to create whiskers on a cat. Using makeup creatively and in combination with face painting can save you time and effort. Beginners may also find this easier than using paint on certain designs. Simply test out and experiment with different cosmetics to find what works best for you.

An entirely new and incredible dimension to add to your face painting routine that has been tried and tested is the use of stick-on-jewels. What?s great about stick-on-jewels is that they are simple and incredibly effective. Kids love them and it escalates the look of any face painting from amateur to pro. They are also very simple to use. Just remove the paper backing and apply to the desired area. This is one of the best and most effective of the free face painting ideas.

Try to use costumes with your face ......
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Description: Wallpapers of body painting art, tatoo wallpapers at normal (1280x1024px) and wide (1680x1024px) resolution, lots of body painting wallpapers, look at what kind of stuff a person is capable to put on his / her own body...

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