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Google will pay Mozilla about $900M for the next three years

AddThis Social Bookmark Button order to renew their search royalty agreement, that is Google will be the default choice in Mozilla's browser, Firefox.
The two companies did not disclosed any details about their agreement.
Anyway $300M/year is much more then previous arrangement, due to competing interest from both Yahoo and Microsoft. To be noticed that during the expired partnership, Google contributed 84 percent of Mozilla's $123 million in revenue.
The most important rival,Bing from Microsoft has an aggressive policy in growing its share on the search market. Internet Explorer still remains the most dominant browser in the market, but Google's Chrome has recently been making major gains over both IE and Mozilla's Firefox.
In spite of this new arrangement with Google, Mozilla has partnerships Amazon, Yahoo, eBay, and of course Bing. It seems that this is ok with the search giant , as long as the Google's SVP of Search, Alan Eustace, declared:
'Mozilla has been a valuable partner to Google over the years and we look forward to continuing this great partnership in the years to come.'
True, but for sure more costly for Google.

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