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Love, just a strange brain intoxication ? - psychologists says

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Love is, without a doubt, an intoxication of the senses. Especially of the mind, of judgementand last but not least, of lucidity.
According to psychologists, love does not last long:

A psychically sane man cannot love for more than two years.

According to American psychologists from the High Research Institute, California, love is genetically conditioned. In the effort of anticipating the outcome of a love relationship, statistics have been made in order to work out a guide for the couple:
ONE WEEK – It is the minimal duration of an “initial state of exultation” in the psychologists terminology. The person “goes off” in 4-6 hours, but as more and more facts about the loved one become known to him/her, the sentimental strings become more lax, reaching a state of neutrality in 7 days, and perplexity in 8 days: “I wonder what I have seen in him/her...”

1 – 4 MONTHS – The average duration of teenage love and of extra-conjugal relationships resulted not from a devastating passion but from favourable circumstances. Psychologists consider though that in these cases one of the partners ends the relationship (suddenly and with very weak excuses) and the other one suffers for another 6 – 8 months, considering himself the “victim”.

5 MONTHS – 1 YEAR – These are the relationships where both partners are very much in love but they have other complications or they are married (to someone else), or they are too young and they have trouble with parents or jobs that focus them on career rather than on love. In most cases the decision to break up is mutual, even though one of them seems to suffer more.

1 – 2 YEARS – The verdict of the psychologists is firm and baffling: love cannot last for more than two years. What follows is habit, attachment, stable forms of affection, dependence, convenience, rigor, morals (in case of marriage) and many other types of inertia. Many people all over the world protested against this verdict, but at a careful and honest autoanalysis it becomes evident that the psychologists are right.
The other lifelong love relationships indicate – according to the specialists – certain pathological complications: obsessions, delirium, in the virtual world, psychosis, and emotional imbalance. In other words, only those with psychological problems can feel the same love for a lifetime. But all this does not mean that a couple that stays together for a long time is wrong, in this case affection changes to more and more complex forms (or sometimes simpler) that cannot be defined through love.

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