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After years

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Lorelai entered with small steps in physics's laboratory from the old school, greedy eyes looking at her.
The teacher put his books on the desk, his eyes looks troubled by her presence.

He keeps arrange them on and on, but his attitude did not show any sign of emotion. Lorelay cordially greeted him, but from the deep of her soul she would just jump in his arms, and stay there for ever, always for him, and only for him.
A simple desk splitted their univers, and what was to be told on that gray morning of 1898, would mark their existance for ever.

Time passed by, everybody with his or her life, problems and history.

An email sparked and they almost instantenious felt one another, he, the physics teacher, she, Lorelai, the grown up student.

Early summer this year, he was anxiously waiting for the plain, bringing the love of his youth. Lorelai, who 23 years ago, was taking goodbye for ever, from him.

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