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What if Hitler had won the war? (part 2)
by Horia Bunea

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Regarding the Jews in the USSR, Hitler said there should be “an expedition to punish all criminals: the death sentence followed by execution! The Jews in Russia must be killed until the last one!”
“In a state of perpetual subordination” was France’s and the Balcanic countries’ future. Luxemburg and parts of Holland, Belgium and Denmark were to be annexed to the Reich. The German Empire was to stretch up until the Ural Mountains.

Inside Germany there were to come significant changes. Himmler talked about transforming Berlin into an 8 million people city. To this end, the surrounding territory on a 100 km range was to be rebuilt. Only a few villages were to remain and become model residences. The new villa colonies, surrounded by huge green areas were to become ramifications of the mega-city. Towards the East, the New World Empire was to have its borders beyond Moscow, until the Ural Mountains. Because Hitler’s intention was to transform into German this entire territory until the Urals and also ensure in his collaboration with Japan such a great influence that no national entities would be possible there.
Hitler started from the premises that beyond the Urals there was nothing but nomadic tribes, bold enough to attack the Germanic troupes. Anyway, he was counting on the possibility of creating along the Ural Mountains, a so-called “blood border” which could never be crossed by the Asian peoples.

The centre of the world: Himmler’s Walhalla

In the centre of the worldwide Germanic Empire, Himmler planned to build a huge hall, a stronghold for the Knight Orders of the Urals, North Cape and South Africa. Himmler was so far as to start the construction in 1934. It was almost ready when the evolution of the war stopped it.
On may 23rd 1945 Himmler was on the “Walhalla express” as a journalist of the time said. Even before, Hitler has shot himself (according to the testimonies of the people present in the bunker) but the autopsy report showed that he died poisoned with cyanide.
On Easter Sunday, 1945, an SS commando tried to blow up the entire hall using blow torches and dynamite. The action was only partly successful.

To sum up, P.J. Franceschini’ quote seems the most suited:
In the ‘nuthouse’ that was Europe after World War I, a movement, fascism, tried to counter the Marxist revolt attempt against the middle class as a whole. It did it, however, using methods and forces completely different from the life traditions and thought of the bourgeoisie. The world was to pay dearly for this colossal misunderstanding.”

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