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Used Military Vehicle - A Big Industry
by Malika Sharma

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Military vehicles are used by the armed forces in quite a big number. They maintain a fleet of such vehicles to carry out operations and transport troops and other material to and from the battle field. These vehicles are the carriers of the military officials. However the government keeps on discarding them at regular intervals and adds new and latest vehicles to their fleet. This discarded or used military vehicle gives a great source of income to the general citizens and a large number of people in US base their business on such auctions.

The surplus or deactivated vehicles are procured by such businessmen for reselling at a little higher price and are exported to other countries like Russia and Eastern Bloc. The used military vehicle is in high demand and the companies dealing in them develop contacts and expertise in various protocols and procedures regarding the exports and imports of such vehicles. The procuring company buys then at auctions arranged regularly by federal, state or local government authorities.

The used military vehicle is in high demand by the national museums and world wide collectors. Even the film and T.V industries are on a regular look out for them to be used in their movies and series. Most of the vehicles are procured directly from Army units or War reserves. These vehicles once procured are reconditioned and then offered for sale to these customers who find them relatively cheap and affordable to be used in construction sites, shootings, and private use or just as a collector's item.

The companies dealing in such used military vehicle also make profit by earning the brokerage from dealers and other clients who in turn sell them to direct customers. These vehicles are also hired by many big production houses and film and TV companies for business promotions, advertisement campaigns or novelty parties. The popular vehicles used for such purpose are tanks, trucks, limousines and Hummers which are widely used by film or TV industries. They can either buy them or procure them for hire.

Longstanding used military vehicle enthusiasts have given a great opportunity for the sale and trading in such vehicles and making it a profitable business venture. The future of this industry is really big as the demand and craze for such vehicles among the general public is not going to die soon; on the contrary it is seeing an upward trend.

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