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BAE's New GCV infantry war machine

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BAE presented the new concept for teh future infantry war machine called GCV (Ground Combat Vehicle). This was designated to replace the well-known M2 Bradley IFVm, and therefore to be a big technological advance in the world of this kind of weapons.

BAE's engineers together with their friends from General Dynamics get clearence from Pentagon to start development for new Bradley's replacement. The new player should be strong, smart, cheap, should have lots of skills, and a low fuel consumption.

So, the new IFV called now GCV should be expert in all types of combat, from hostile infantry to heavy armored vehicles and aerial targets. Already BAE says that this concept offers more protection against IED than a dedicated MRAP and has 20% more fuel efficiency then competition.

Remember, BAE — along with rival General Dynamics — was awarded a contract last year to come up with a concept vehicle for a new GCV. The last effort to field the GCV was cancelled in 2010 after Army officials decided the RfP called for a vehicle that didn’t match the service’s needs.

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