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What if Hitler had won the war? (part 1)
by Horia Bunea

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World War II was probably the most difficult obstacle faced by humanity throughout its tormented history. It would be interesting to speculate on the evolution of mankind if Hitler had died before the war or worst, what if he had won the war?
Suppose Hitler had died in an automobile accident in 1938, immediately after annexing the Sudetenland. What would have been the outcome on a geopolitical level?
  1. The war hadn’t started
  2. There would have been no mass massacres since only these widespread regions could have offered the possibility of committing such atrocities.
  3. The Soviet Union wouldn’t have been a world power.
  4. The Reich, with almost all Germans reunited, could have carried on its experience as world power.
Undoubtedly, Hitler would have remained in history as the greatest German of all times, with only one remark: in the ‘30s, the European geopolitical context, and not only, was ‘ripe’ for a new conflict. The contradictory economic interests, Germany’s lack of resources as opposed to its power hunger, the Japanese militarism, would have eventually led to a military conflict. Hitler’s appearance led to the precipitation of the war in an era when the technological advances hadn’t lead to the use of mass destruction weapons, issue which would have endangered humanity’s existence.

Imagine a second world war starting 10 or 15 years later: the functional atomic bomb, operational strategic bombers, intercontinental missiles on hold, atomic submarines in position… where would we have been now?

The second question is easily answered by Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” (translated as “My War”), where he publishes his intentions for the entire world. True, the majority of the buyers didn’t read it, but the leaders of the party had to know it, in general.

Hitler’s Phantasmagorias
In “Mein Kampf”, Hitler talks directly about broadening the German people’s “vital space”. He analyses scrupulously which regions could offer such opportunities for expansion and, after careful consideration, he reaches the following conclusion: “We will cease the eternal Germanic expansion towards the South and the West of Europe and will go towards the East”.
Because, if we are to talk about a new area in Europe, we can only think of “Russia and the countries around it.”
On November 5th 1937, during the famous Hossback Conference, he told his most trusted people Göring, Raeder and Neurath that Germany’s problem can only be solved through violence and that if he was to live until then, his strongest desire will be to solve the issue of Germany’s vital space.
All of Hitler’s plans were based on the victories that he was to obtain. The Europe enslaved was only the starting point, solid and unshaken.

But Hitler lived in a world of illusion, where reality and his abnormal dreams were wowing into a dangerous world of hallucinations. His hallucinations were based on a Europe on its knees forever.
The last enemies, Great Britain and the USSR were seen as vanquished. Moreover, in a single strike, the last neutral countries were wiped of the face of the world:
  • During the last months of the war, Hitler was thinking about conquering Switzerland. The military plans had the code name of the “Tannenbaum Operation”. Switzerland was then supposed to be shared according to the three linguistic areas, between Germany, Italy and France.
  • Heinrich Himmler, a quixotic as well, had repeatedly spoken about his intention to divide Sweden after the war. The northern part would have been gifted to the Finish as thanks for them being brothers in arms and the southern would have been annexed to the great Germanic empire.
  • The first attack against a neutral country, namely Portugal, was known in the documents of the German Reich under the code name of “Isabella”. Portugal should have been conquered with the help of Spain, during the “Felix Operation” – the conquering of Gibraltar – which was to take place in parallel. in January 1941, Churchill still feared that Hitler will take everyone by surprise and execute the two operations.
  • As to Ireland, neutral, Hitler intended to use it at the right moment against the Great Britain in order to make it a vassal to Berlin.
  • As to the Turkey, Hitler was oscillating between getting Ankara as an ally and make it his vassal. He was fascinated by the thought that Turkey could become a new military basis against the USSR and he could at the same time send troupes to enter Siria through the Turkish territory into the oil areas of England and the Near West, where, at a certain point, they could make the junction at the Suez Canal with Rommel’s “Afrikakorps”.
  • As the last neutral power, after Spain would have joined the war alongside Germany, the only one standing would have been the Vatican. Concerning the church, Hitler, Himmler and Rosenberg had very well defined plans. Himmler had staged the kidnapping of the Pope immediately after the fall of Mussolini. Aerial troupes led by Otto Skorzeny were to be placed in Piazza San Pietro in Rome to arrest Pope Pius the XIIth and get him to Germany.
All these are not pure fantasies. The plans for the above-mentioned actions were already elaborated; some of them were preserved in original, others were confirmed through other documents or witness depositions. The real evolution of the war situation is the cause for which they couldn’t be applied. The existence of all these plans state Hitler’s clear intention to enslave the entire Europe.

All the Negroes and Jews to Madagascar
Convinced that he will win in the end, himself being the one to declare war on the United States, Hitler must have really believed that he could bring America to its knees. His intention was to terminate forever America’s influence on the political scene. He planned that doctor Goebbels, as dictator and supported by Göring, would forever eliminate the Jews in the USA and ‘refresh’ the population’s German parts until finally Northern America became a German country. They also planned to take all the Negroes and Jews in Madagascar.

To be continued...

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