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How to set things right with wallpapers on dual screen monitor

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It looks like more and more people use multi-monitors configurations these days.
Installing a high resolution wallpaper on such configuration can be tricky, and before starting the job it will be useful to have some basic understanding about screen and wallpaper resolution, display modes, etc.
First you have to decide if you'll use system resources only, or get a desktop manager like DisplayFusion, UltraMon, etc. We'll resume at the first option, since additional instructions can be found on respective sites.
So, the most important thing you must know is that quality of the image displayed on your screen, depends of:
1. the quality of picture you we'll use for background;
2. how close the resolutions match;
Let's explain.
About first statement, things are clear, and is not much you can do about, exept choosing carefully your high resolution wallpaper.
But the image and screen resolutions are important, they should be the same, or as closer as possible. Usually, from DisplayProperties->Desktop you have three position options, Tile, Center and Stretch.
If your monitors have the same resolution, you should consider them as a double width desktop. Let's say the resolution on both monitors is the same, 1280x1024px. In this case your joined desktop resolution will be
2*1280 = 2560 x 1024px.
You should pick-up an image at 2560px width and 1024px height that will be fit perfectly on your enhanced desktop using Tile option. This works for any identical pairs of monitors.
But when monitor resolutions are not the same, and worst, image resolution is significant different, there is some compromise to be done. Both Stretch and Center option will display the same wallpaper on every monitor, the difference is that Stretch will distort image dimensions to fit the entire screen, while Center will cut the margins if they do not fit, displaying the 'centered chopped' image on both monitors.

Nevertheless, you can still use Tile option in which case the image will not be distorted, but displayed partially on both monitors, depending of their resolutions. This could still be an option, but largely depends of specific design of wallpaper used as background.
One more word, all these work when, from your graphic card multiple display interface you'll set display mode to horizontal span (eg. for identical monitors resolutions) or Dualview (most likely, in real life). As a conclusion, the major obstacles in getting a brilliant desktop image are the image quality and fitting the proper resolution. Once overcome this problems, you'll love your desktop.

Here is a hack to set two different wallpapers to dual monitor system, that apparently works only for Windows 7. The only problem in this case is that a dual monitor wallpaper is not needed any more :-) !

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posted by sky monitor at 2012-02-10,04:19:46
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