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Top ski resort - Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy

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Cortina (the short name of the famous Italian resort) is without any doubt the "crème de la crème" of the Italian mountain resorts. Stylish, trendy and located in a magnificent area between impressive mountain peaks, the old village turned in a very short time into one of the most elegant European resorts. A great variety of ski slopes, for all levels, combined with a multitude of extra activities create a perfect destination for all guests who wish to see and be seen.
Unlike other destinations, in Cortina exhibitionism of all sorts is quite common. And it’s not only about showing off on the ski slopes, but also a very striking display of fashion that includes the most eccentric fur coats, Ferraris and Maseratis in which noisy phone calls are conducted on the most expensive mobile phones. But the true fans of snow sports must not be discouraged by these. Although the town is crowded, the slopes are rather decent. Many people that pick Cortina as a destination for their holidays only do it for the sunbathing and the fresh air.

In town, lunch at fancy restaurants, shopping, long walks downtown or spending an hour or two in front of a cup of lavazza are as intense as skiing or snowboarding. The sports fans have the advantage though – less people to avoid on the slopes. The rough terrain of the Dolomite Mountains makes slopes favorable to sports activities to be rather rare. Apart from this minor drawback, sliding on the slopes of the mountains is a real pleasure when you are surrounded by the authentic beauty and the unique atmosphere of the wilderness.
The most renowned ski slope is Tofana, which reaches an altitude of 3200m, with a stepped terrain at the top and the best beginner slope at the bottom.

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