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Top ski resort - Chamonix, France

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Chamonix is one of the best if not the number one French ski resort. The modest mountain settlement changed when the locals realized that nature had given them something better than a common farmerís life. Ever since, the settlement continued to develop at a rapid pace.

The sport that put Chamonix on the map of winter destinations was not skiing, but climbing. But considering the importance that skiing has at the moment, it is difficult to believe that when Chamonix hosted the 1924 Winter Olympics, skiing was not yet an Olympic sport.

From the aesthetic point of view, Chamonix is more of a crowded anthill than an architectural beauty, with an eclectic accent. But this isnít very important, as long as visitors do not come to admire the design, but for very practical reasons. More than any other European mountain resort, Chamonix is the place for adventurous ski fans looking for long slopes, safe snow, rocks and any other form of challenge.

The extreme terrain turned Chamonix into the perfect filming set for directors that want action in a perfect winter environment.

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