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Where do we ski this winter? - top ski resorts in Europe

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Regardless of their nationality, winter sport lovers owe a lot of gratitude to Mother Nature for her creation of the Alps. Although mountain resorts on other continents are every bit as good as the European ones, The Alps are the place where skiing was born and perfected very close to what we might call a new art. So, why shouldn't we go to any of the resorts in the Alps to pay a personal tribute to the mountain? Full of valleys, peaks, difficult terrains or oases of calm, the old mountain range that crosses the very center of Europe lures us with various mountain resosrts with a unique atmosphere.

We only have to pick the ideal destination according to our own preferences, and to prepare for a perfect vacation that means not only fabulous food, meeting international stars or admiring the unique Alp views. It's all about winter skiing !.

Top sky resort:
Kiruna, Sweden
One of the “hottest” destinations for the fans of the “cold sports” in Sweden, Kiruna, also boasts the unique hotel Jukkasjarvi, built entirely of ice. And it’s very easy to figure out why the walls of this hotel never melt. Services in the famous Swedish resort are designed to satisfy any visitor, from family activities to snowmobile rides and reindeer farm visits.

Aside from the snow-covered slopes mandatory to any winter resort, Kiruna also offers other activities, some of them even unusual for a mountain resort, like ice hole fishing. The visitors who come at the right time can admire the aurora borealis on the north sky, a truly unique display of light.

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