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Windows 7 SP1 - News, Uninstall

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Windows 7 SP1 installation screen

Windows 7 SP1 does not bring big news, but rather solve some problems, some not so important, some more important, in day by day system

Windows 7 SP1 is rather a compilation of updates and if your automated updating option is turned on , is most likely that some of its components are already installed via Windows Update facility.
The most important updates
(at least from Microsoft point of wiev) are:

  • enhanced performance for audio HDMI hardware(the problem of loosing connection between HDMI device after restore/reboot is solved)
  • it solves problem when printing both landscape and portrait pages with XPS documents
  • support for AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions) - enhanced performance for floating point applications
  • enhanced support for 512e format stocking device (with sector dimension of 4Kb)
  • enhanced support for supplementary identities in authentication protocol IKEv2
  • modification behavior for Restore previous folders at logon, that is instead of cascading after restart, depending of active folders localization, they will be restored at their previous position
Even if there were no major problems reported after 7 SP1 installation, most likely you will notice a significant decrease of free space for your system partition, due to backup files created in process. These files were created for those who want to uninstall SP1 if something goes wrong. So keep them as long as you think that is necessary, test service pack, and if everything is ok, remove them. To do that just use Disk Cleanup, click on Clean up system files, check Service Pack Backup Files, and click Ok.
Beware that service pack cannot be removed if backup files are deleted.
In case you decided to uninstall Windows 7 Service Pack 1, go to System Restore, choose the most recent Restore Point (in case that in between you did some modifications in system, like applications or drivers installation, you should go with restore point prior to these operations), and than click Ok. System will be restored as was before SP1 installation. You can also uninstall SP 1 using Command Prompt, select Run as administrator. Then type: wusa.exe /uninstall /kb:976932 and Enter, or finally, Control Panel->Programs->Programs and Features, click on View installed updates. Right click on Service Pack for Microsoft Windows (KB 976932) and select Uninstall.

If Windows 7 SP1 cannot be uninstalled with none of these methods, it means that somehow backup files were deleted, in which case the only solution is reinstalling Windows 7 from the scratch.

Note. Be sure you use a legal version of W7 because SP1 contains KB971033 update component that checks for your license validity.

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posted by io at 2012-02-10,03:31:50
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