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Copying all files, but one type

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If you wish to copy all files from one directory to another, with the exception of one(or more) file type(s), here's how to do it.
Usual copy commands can be easily restricted with the help of wildcard conventions like, for example `*.TIFF`. Still, if you want to exclude from copying some files, say all jpegs, (`*.JPG`) you have to select manually all wanted files, than do the operation. Or, viceversa select all, copy, and delete all unwanted from the destination folder.
For the first case scenario you have to know all useful (for you) file extensions, and the second case is extremely inefficient.

The problem can be easily solved by the help of some special copy command, that copy all files, but left behind some designated file type(s). This magic tool is called `robocopy` and is embedded in Windows Vista and 7.
It's a command line tool, and all you have to do is use '/xf' switch as filter for all unwanted file types. As in above example, if you worked in Photoshop with TIFF files, and the final result are JPG files, to copy jpegs to other directory you must use:

robocopy /xf TIFF
source - source folder
destination - destination folder

You can insert as many file types you like:

robocopy /xf type [type1] [type2] ... [typen]

All specified types will be excluded.
Note. Robocopy tool works in Windows XP too. You can copy from a Windows Server 2003 Resource kit, or you can download it free from Microsoft at

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