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Quick Launch - now with Windows 7

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Do somebody miss Quick Launch option from XP ? Well, when working with Windows 7, sometimes I do.
Oh, yes I know Superbar is super cool :-), but still Quick Launch has some advantages. Like -for example- is that I can put a shortcut to MyComputer and keep my desktop clean (no icons, just gadgets).
And there are some programs I can't stick to Superbar, that's not very helpful when some wants a clean desktop.
Ok, as usual Microsoft did not 'kill' Quick Launch, but only hide it a little. To bring it back to life one should do the following steps:
  • right click on Taskbar, select Toolbars, check the option New Toolbar

  • go to the next folder(Browse): give a copy/paste in address bar from Windows Explorer with this text:
    %SystemDrive%\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\
  • search and select Quick Launch folder, then click on Select Folder

  • you will notice that near by Notifcation Area a new toolbar is shown, nothing else but our Quick Launch !
  • to move it to the left or to the right, right click on Taskbar and uncheck the option Lock the taskbar
  • another aspect will be removing or bringing some programs on Superbar, click right on desired icon, select Unpin this program from taskbar if you do not want this to appear on Superbar, for example.
  • another related option will be Show title and Show text, setting if this information is showed near shortcuts from Quick Launch
And here is the final result !

To deactivate Quick Launch just give a taskbar right click, go to Toolbars and uncheck Quick Launch option.
Hope this helps. :-)

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