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Windows 7 goes frenzy. Since RC1 emerged these days, everybody seems to be interested in Windows 7. Already it appears to be some kind of saver for disappointed Vista users, or bored of old XP windows system. Among other facilities, Windows 7 has its own mechanism of personalization with the help of themes and wallpapers.
For the beginners, Windows 7 can automatically change wallpapers at certain period of time. Also user may add whatever image he likes to a certain theme.
Original themes are not very complex, meaning that they canít change lots of aspects of graphic interface. A Windows 7 theme aim to only four elements, as follows:
- the wallpaper
- the sound (music)
- window color
- the screensaver
Already there are lots of themes created by third party users. Some of them are quite simple, including only one wallpaper, others include more of them, rotating at certain period of time. To install, just go to the site source, give a double click on files with the extension .themepack, and the system will recognize and activate them.
The already existent themes can be modified , and used saved. Doing this is a piece of cake, even my old grandma can do it:
Desktop click right, choose Personalize, and if you want to add your own photos, in the opening window click Desktop Background. Now just pick the directory where photos reside, set the time rotation interval, and , voila ! youíre done.
You may now enjoy your beautiful screen wallpaper, every time you have some computer work to do.

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