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Desktop and themes for Windows 7

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Some prefer naked women, some landscapes or cars. The only place where all these without any discrimination fit, is the common, usual computer desktop. Sometimes you may think desktop as an El Dorado of our whishes.
Well, somehow disappointing because for Window 7 desktop has nothing spectacular, comparing with the other versions.

To be honest there are some new features or old redone features , but nothing revolutionary. Te desktop is on a halt. With little changes it is almost the same from the very day it was invented. It is populated with icons and background images, and that s all. Sometimes I have the feeling that there is some potential here, a brilliant idea that will change everything, but until then, desktop will remain a simply digital stage where programs perform.
Speaking about Windows 7, new features are related with the handling windows process, and are addressed mostly to beginners. There are three new functions regarding working windows:
- If you drag a window (right or left), this will stick the corresponding margin and will take exactly half of the screen
- If you stick a window on the upper screen this will be maximized at once. You ca undo the operation just dragging the window away.
- When you have lots of opened windows, you can minimize all, using Shake Aero function. It works simply by clicking current window on its caption, and shaking just a little bit; all other windows will be minimized. (cool, yeah ?)

Did anybody bother with themes in Vista? Probably not. There was nothing much about that, except windows color and DreamScene(video scenes in background). But with Windows 7 advent Microsoft reinstates themes and wallpapers.
Windows 7 themes operates with 4 elements, background, windows color, sounds and the screensaver. The first new feature is that every theme contains more background images that can be rotated at a certain time interval (somewhere between 10 seconds and a day)
And with drag and drop you can add your image at one theme.

Another not very used function was the sidebar. There are lots of gadgets on the desktop without the need of putting them in the sidebar too. Microsoft understood and closed the sidebar. In Windows 7 gadgets reside directly on desktop.

At last the contextual menu (right click on desktop) has three new functions: screen resolution, gadgets, and next background picture. The last works only if a certain theme is active And that s all folks, as I told before, nothing revolutionary or spectacular Still waiting for brilliant ideas.

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