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How to change Windows 7 logon wallpaper

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Warning. This little tutorial will make changes in Windows Registry; to play safe you should save it first just in case something will go wrong.
Now let's start.
First you need an image named backgroundDefault.jpg. This image should be in jpeg format and will have less than 256KB. The follow the next steps:

1. Write rgedit in RUN command press Enter. You'll have Registry Editor opened;
2. Navigate to the following key:
3. In the right panel change value for OEMBackground with value 1;
4. Now leave the editor, and go to the next folder: %windir%\System32\oobe, where %windir is the directory where Windows 7 has been installed;
5. Create a new folder named info under oobe directory. Inside info create another one named backgrounds. The final path will be something like:
6.Copy the image you have already prepared (backgroundDefault.jpg) to backgrounds directory.
You may use different image resolutions under different names, like the in following list:

backgroundDefault.jpg, background768x1280.jpg, background900x1440.jpg, background960x1280.jpg, background1024x1280.jpg, background1280x1024.jpg, background1024x768.jpg, background1280x960.jpg, background1600x1200.jpg, background1440x900.jpg, background1920x1200.jpg, background1280x768.jpg, background1360x768.jpg

Because some writing displaying problems may occur caused by new wallpaper design, you can adjust color and shadow modifying some keys. Precisely we're talking about:
  • for dark shadow:
    Default Setting:
  • no shadow
Hope that helped. Enjoy !

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