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Pink Floyd Biography(1)

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Pink Floyd - founded in 1964 in London, England.
Years Active: 1964 - 1983, 1987-1995.
Band members:
Syd Barrett - guitar and vocals (replaced by David Gilmour)
Roger Waters - guitar, bass and vocals,
David Gilmour - guitar and vocals,
Nick Mason - drums
Rick Wright - keyboards and vocals.
Styles covered:
Progressive Rock, Art Rock, Psychedelic.

Pink Floyd is a British progressive band, famous for his poetry, for smooth classic rock compositions, bombastic style and live performances drawn. It is one of the most successful bands, ranking in the top seven bands with the most albums sold worldwide.

Pink Floyd was formed in 1964, early was known under names such as Sigma 6, T-set, Megadeaths, The Screaming Abdabs, The Architectural Abdabs, and The Abdabs.
It was later called The Pink Floyd Sound and then simply The Pink Floyd, the origin of the name was formed by two blues musicians - Pink Anderson and Floyd Council. The definite article ”the” was dropped by the time their debut album was released.
Originally, Pink Floyd was formed by Bob Klose (lead guitar), Syd Barrett (vocals, rhythm guitar), Richard Wright (keyboards, vocals), Roger Waters (bass, vocals) and Nick Mason (drums). They were oriented on rhythm and blues; as Barrett started writing songs influenced by American surf music, psychedelic rock, quirks, humour and British literature, Klose (more concerned about jazz) left the band leaving behind a rather stable form of a quartet. The group formed Blackhill Enterprises, together with their managers - Peter Jenner and Andrew King, a business partnership formed by six people.
Launched in 1967, his debut album ”The Piper at the Gates of Dawn” is considered an important example of British psychedelic music. Avant-garde piece of ”Interstellar Overdrive”, bizarre pieces like ”Scarecrow” ( a song inspired by Fenlands melancholy, rural region surrounding Barrett”s home town) album tracks show an eclectic musical mix.

In 1968, guitarist David Gilmour joined the band to perform Barrett”s guitarist and vocalist duties, whose mental state was deteriorating more and more, however, Barrett was intended to remain a defining figure and composer of the band. But it has become increasingly unstable, with less and less predictable behaviour and constant consumption of LSD, he sometimes stared during concerts, while the rest of the band continued its representative. Live performances became increasingly shaky until the other band members simply stopped to appear on stage with Barrett.
Once Barrett”s departure was formalized, Jenner and King decided to remain with him and this way Blackhill partnership was dissolved. While for the first album Barrett has written the whole debut album, for the second, entitled ”A Saucerful of Secrets” (released in 1968) he contributed only with ”Jugband Blues.” After the soundtrack ”More”, followed the double album Ummagumma (partially recorded at Mothers Rock Club in Birmingham, and the rest in Manchester in 1969) - a mixture of live recordings and studio experimentation of the band members, not included on other discs.
Each has recorded over half a vinyl disc as a solo project (Mason”s wife makes a brief appearance, uncredited, as a flautist). Album Atom Heart Mother from 1970, became number 1 in UK charts. Album title track owns much to orchestra directed by Ron Geesin.

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