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Pink Floyd Biography(2)

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Band s sound is considerably more focused on Meddle album (1971), with 23-minute epic titled Echoes (Pink Floyd used in this track for the first time Zinovieff VCS3 synthesizer). This album includes atmospheric song One Of These Days, it s also included a pop-jazz song San Tropez . Their tendency is shown testing this time the song Seamus (earlier, Mademoiselle Nobs), a pure blues song on a Greyhound Russian sounds. Another album, less known, Obscured by clouds is released in 1972, and included as the soundtrack of the movie La Vallee. This is the first album to enter the American Top 50, categ. Albums.
In 1973, they released the album Dark Side of the Moon which recorded a huge success, the album stayed in the Top100, albums section for more than a decade, breaking many records and became one of the best selling albums of all time. Dark Side of the Moon is a concept album, addressing topics such as madness, neurosis and fame. Thanks to new equipment with 16-track recording at Abbey Road Studios and the huge amount of time invested by sound engineer Alan Parsons, the album set new standards of audio fidelity.
Dark Side of the Moon and these three albums (Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Wall) is considered by fans as the band career peak. The first of these, Wish You Were Here, released in 1975, is a theme album dedicated to former member Syd Barrett. Beside the song Wish You Were Here (which became a classic song), the album includes work very well received by critics, composed of nine parts, mostly instrumental - Shine On You Crazy Diamond - a tribute to Barrett ; lyrics of this paper addresses quite obvious the consequences of Barrets mental collapse. The album also includes the tracks Welcome to the Machine and Have a Cigar.

By 1977, after the release of the Animals, the bands musical career was part of a growing number of critics, while its rock music scene emerges a new style - punk. Critics say their music was too pretentious, having lost in the simplistic form of rock and roll. Animals album contained songs long enough about the topic Animal Farm by George Orwell, using pigs, dogs and sheep as metaphors for members of contemporary society.

With rock opera of 1979, called The Wall, conceived mainly by Waters, Pink Floyd brought new waves of positive criticism and another hit single - Another Brick in the Wall, which strongly criticized British education. The album contains the song comfortably Numb, which, although it was never released as a single, became a milestone in the lists of tracks from rock radio, and today is one of the most popular songs of the band.. The album caused great expenses and even loss for the band in the tour that followed but later the album sales solved the financial difficulties of the band members. During this time, Waters has grown increasingly its artistic contribution, assuming leadership of the band, and going often in conflict with other members, this ended with firing of Wright. He returned to the band who payd him a certain amount to participate in the tournament for The Wall concerts.

Ironically, he is the only member that has gained from performances, others being forced to cover excess costs. The album was co-produced by Bob Ezrin, a friend of Waters, with whom he wrote lyrics for the song The Trial. Collaboration has been interrupted by Waters, Ezrin was kicked out of camp after he gave Floyd a journalist (who was his relative), improvidently, details about The Wall. The movie was done in 1982, directed by Alan Parker in the supervision of Waters, the film included striking animations created by a popular British cartoonist, Gerald Scarf. The film led to an even greater deterioration in the relationship between Roger Waters and David Gilmour, as Waters took slowly over all leadership.

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