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Some basic golf considerations

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Golf is a very popular game and a good chance to have a great time outdoor, relax with friends and meet new people.

If one is a beginner, the way to go on is much influenced by own aims, still, following there are a few tips that will make first steps easier:

  • concerning equipment, among things needed will be a set of golf clubs ( a rented or used one might be good to consider for the beginning ), golf balls and optional things like golf shoes, umbrella, towel and cart

  • find a place to play ( driving range, golf course )

  • the quickest way to learn fundamentals is by going online, watching instructional videos, reading books in this field. Golf has a set of strict rules to follow governed by the US Golf Association that can be found at: and a set of behaviour rules that can be found on: There are many websites offering lots of useful information on almost anything you might be interested concerning golf, just to mention a few:,,,,

  • focus on basics such as how to grip the club, how to stand over the golf ball, how to swing the golf club, how to puff build a visual image of the game in your mind, improve it step by step

  • have a number of lessons with a teacher, ask friends and playing partners about referrals of good local instructors, check their accreditation, experience and own compatibility with them, finding the right instructor can make a lot of difference.

  • getting higher level skills takes patience, time and lots of practice. Go slowly, step by step, make a priority to have fun, enjoy being outdoor with friends, do each time your best to become better. Success in continuous improvements and in having a good time will bring you the wind needed to advance.

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