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Future trucks - closer than you think

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In at most ten years, trucks will look much different then they are today. Long range transport will be handled by long trucks, running on automatic pilot, non stop, one after another , on the special green highways between countries and continents.

Safer and efficient.
As the transportation industry grows year after years, the job should be done safer, and much more efficient. One of the most revolutionary idea is to connect long trucks in some kind of highway trains, crossing borders with at least 90 mph. In this vision, heavy trucks will be separated from the rest of the traffic, in so called green corridors, increasing transportation safety, lowering consumptions, and road natural damage.

Aerodynamic protection against collisions
Improving aerodynamic shape will have a positive effect against potential collisions with
different objects from the road, the shock being absorbed by a special extension attached in front of cabin. The overall aerodynamic factor will be much improved, and as first consequence this will lower gas consumption, minimizing environmental impact , and making big trucks more eco-friendly

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