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Niagara Falls , a miracle of Nature

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Niagara Falls situated between New York and Ontario states, is one of the most spectacular natural wonders of the north American continent. It s a huge waterfall on Niagara river, flowing between US and Canada, from Erie Lake to Ontario.
Niagara Falls was born some 12.000 years ago when the glaciers retreated north, leaving the water from from Erie Lake to flow down across Niagara hills, a coast line that stretches along the south of Ontario city till Rochester. From here erosion pushed the water seven miles ahead, through Niagara Canyon. The waterfall is divided in two separate parts by the Goat Island. The biggest one (Canadian) is called Horseshoe Falls and is 164 ft height , on an edge length of almost 2200 ft.
The other one, American Falls, has a height about 190 ft. and only 1050 ft. length.
Because of massive amount of falling water, a permanently mist surrounds the area, giving birth to an incredible number of spectacular rainbows in the sunlight.

American and Canadian governments built parks, viewing areas for tourists, roads for easy access. Niagara zone was declared natural reservation in 1885, and is the oldest protected area from New York state.

The huge energetic potential of Niagara river is used by both countries. The Canadians with Sir Adam Back plant built in 1958 with an electric power of 1815 MW in Queenston, Ontario, and Americans with Robert Moses plant, built in 1963, generating 2400 MW near Lewiston, New York.

Niagara Falls is a big tourist attraction , gathering millions of visitors every year. It can be seen from observations towers, boats, from Goat Island and from Rainbow bridge built nearby the waterfall. Tourists can visit also Wind Cave behind the water curtain
at the base of the fall. In the night colored lights offer an unique show of sparkling falling water, light reflections and music.
Our advice: if you have the chance to visit this area, don t miss it, you ll be sorry later.

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