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Money wallpapers ? Hmmmm...

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Money and wallpapers? Well, here we have two concepts that (al least at a first glance) do not fit well together. Of course, you can make some money designing and monetizing your wallpapers, but this wasn't the idea.
I mean who the heck will paint his desktop with a big picture of a twenty dollar bill, except some money freak, cousin with Richie Rich or something....
Money freak? Hmmm, aren't we all a little bit ? Of course we are. But depends of how far this obsession will go.

Pebble Beach overview

I was just trying to diversify the wallpaper collection, when I've founded this topic. I decided to give it a try, but extend a little bit. So you'll find here not only pictures of money, bills from different countries, or coins, but some business graphics, charts, graphic sheets, maybe some cards and icons, you know, all that stuff you need to build a commercial website.

And maybe some articles too. I'm not an expert but maybe from time to time, I'll put down some ideas about,let's say, what's happening in SEO world these days, or how to find a good AdSense niche and make more money (you see, money again!), or is Google dying or what?
So enjoy your stay, return often, and don't worry, just kidding about Google, that thing will never die :-)

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