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5 tips for a perfect garden

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Everyone wants a beautiful garden with easy maintenance. In order to avoid exhaustion or causing severe shocks to the plants, try to perform a series of simple but regular tasks for your garden, this is the first and most important tip.

The second tip is to keep the garden clean and to remove all the weeds that consume the fertilizers and the nutrients from the soil, choke the plants and give an unpleasant look to the scenery.

The third tip refers to the protective layer that should be present in every garden, consisting of a layer of leaves or other combinations of soil and fertilizer, which give the garden a "wild" look, maintain the humidity of the soil and prevent the excessive development of weeds.

For the best results we advise you to use organic fertilizers. The cheapest and most available are those found in nature - dry leaves and dry grass. If necessary, you can also use artificial fertilizers, carefully calculating the amounts relative to the size of the garden. Fertilizers rich in Nitrogen can burn your plants. An important tip - do not put these artificial fertilizers too close to the stems of the plans and avoid large quantities.

The last tip is to keep a general compartmentalization of your garden in order to better control the development of the plants, to make maintenance easier (cutting the weeds or thinning out the overgrown plants).

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