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Countess Rose

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Countess Marie Henrieta Chotek is known in history for her passion of growing roses, being the creator of the rosary in town Dolna Krupa, Slovakia.
Dolna Krupa area from town with the same name, situated at the foot of Little Carpathians, came into possession of Michael Brunswick after he married Maria Theresa Vitalisova. On the same area, Anthony Brunswick, son of the two, built the first baroque castle that designed by Viennese architect Johann Baptist Martinelli.

Anton received in 1775 from Empress Maria Theresa of Austria the title of count, as of Krompach Brunswick. After his death in 1780, the Brunswick area went to Josef Brunswick, who renovated the castle. Later renovations and refurbishments have taken place in the area of Dolna Krupa and it became a famous seat of the Slovak nobility. Chotek Henrietta Maria, born on November 24 in 1863, has totally given her passion to grow roses. She was lonely and never wanted to reach the imperial court. After she inherited the property, she decided to create a rosary to compete with others that were famous at that time in France or Germany.

Henrieta Chotek was so passionate about roses that she herself took care of them and experimented with processes of change of species in the hope of giving birth to a special variety.<>br> Nowadays all works reminiscent of Marie Henrieta Chotek not use its real name but the name of "Countess Rose." She bought at the death of Rudolf Geschwind, a famous breeder of roses, its entire collection. Thus she preserved all species that were created by Geschwind throughout his entire life.
Many of the more than 2,000 plant species unique to that time had not been sold and can be admired today at Sangerhausen rosary.

The Countess Rose title was recognized by Congress in Zweibrucken attended by all members of Union of Rose friends from Germany. After Congress ended, the First World War began with the death of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in attacks in 1914. War was the main factor behind which the fate of Henrieta Chotek Maria rosary started declining.
After the war it made great efforts to rebuild the rosary but few people were interested in roses because of difficult living conditions imposed by poverty. After she established a school designed to teach citizens the art of growing roses, Henrieta Chotek managed to recover the Dolna Krupa rosary, making it one of the beauties to be visited in Slovakia, with over 885 types of roses.

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