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Roses - basics facts

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The roses are the flowers with the highest emotional symbol, the strongest and most pleasant fragrance , capable to transmit feelings which cannot be described in simple words. All these characteristics make them also known as the `Queen Flower`. No other flower can send as well as the roses strong feelings such as pure love, jealousy or passional love.

The rose is most often associated with the feeling of love. It can also transmit other messages according to its colour. It is the most appreciated flower because of its colour and persistent scent.

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The feelings that roses can send vary, ranging from pure love, symbolized by the red roses to jealousy by the yellow ones. These symbols may differ according to the person we offer these flowers, the occasion and the relationship we have with them. But regardless of the context, no one will get upset when they get a very highly regarded flower such as the rose.

The roses are an appropriate gift for any occasion. They can be offered on a birthday, on Valentine's Day or when we visit someone dear in the hospital. In this way, roses have become a source of inspiration for many poets and writers, writing about the roses numerous verses and quotes. Below you can find a good example of such a quote, filled with strong love feelings, of a well-known writer, who sets roses apart from the other flowers: `One single rose can replace an entire garden - and one single friend an entire world.` Leo Buscaglia

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