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The Japanese Rose

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The Japanese rose is also known as the Chinese rose. The Japanese rose is a bush, approximately 1.8 meters tall, original from the Far East. It has green and bright oval shaped leaves, rough at the edges. Depending on the species, the flowers can have various colours, but mainly white, red or orange.

As the other roses, the Japanese rose is revered among the other flowers although it is a woody and tall plant. According to the colour of the flowers, their signification differs, although the general message sent by the Japanese rose is not fully clear.

The Japanese rose has its origin in countries of the Far East such as China, India or Japan. However, it is a great success in Romania as well, being highly appreciated by many flower lovers, especially the ladies, due to its abundance of flowers. The Japanese roses can be found in nature in a huge number of species, over 300. However, those use for decoration are pretty few, namely 10.

The message that the Japanese rose sends may vary according to the colour of the flowers, the person intended for and last but not least, the occasion. Although it is part of the roses family, it is the least known and it doesn’t share the attention of its other members.

The Japanese rose is often used for decorating apartments or offices due to their highly resistant nature, its size and its beauty. There is no need for a special occasion to offer someone Japanese roses, so simply do it!

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