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The symbols of flowers

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Flowers have their own symbols and the feeling you have when you receive flowers may be one of inexplicable inner happiness.

The colour of a flower is an important factor in triggering a reaction in the one who receives it. Each flower has a different meaning according to its origins, aspect, coulour.
Every time there is a special occasion or simply to express our sympathy or admiration for someone, we offer flowers.

There are many meanings and symbols of the flowers we offer to those we love.

The meanings of flowers

- Alstroemeria - is a symbol of friendship

- Amaryllis - stands for radiant beauty

- Anemone - are a symbol for anticipation and ha s calming effects.

- Anthurium - are the most popular exotic flowers and one of the flowers that stay fresh for a long time; they are also a symbol of hospitality

- Aster - symbolizes patience

- Bird of Paradise - are the perfect choice for festive settings because they are the symbol of great joy

- Bouvardia - symbolizes enthusiasm

- The Carnation - it is a flower dedicated to pride and beauty

- The Chrysanthemum - is known for representing the sun and the essence of fidelity

- The Daffodil is a sign that winter is nearly over; it also represents chivalry

- Delphinium - symbolizes the essence and feeling of heavenly attributes

- The Freesia - embodies the essence of purity

- The Gladiolus - its Latin name means sword and it symbolizes strength of character

- Heather - stands for admiration

- The Hyacinth - represents constancy and determination

- The Hydrangea - is representative for the feeling of sincerity

- Iris - is a graceful flower which through its essence transmits compliments

- Larkspur - symbolizes infidelity

- The Rose- symbolizes the eternal feeling of love and passion

- The White lily/Madonna lily - is majestic, showing elements of chastity and virtue

Each flower has something to say, one way or the other, to the person that receives it.

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