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Flowers in pots. Pelargonium

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Pelargonium is a genus of flowering plants which includes over 200 species of perennials, succulents and shrubs, commonly known as scented geraniums. Confusingly, geranium is the botanical name of a separate genus of related plants, often called Cranesbills, both genera are in the family Geraniaceae. Gardeners sometimes refer to the members of Genus Pelargonium as ”pelargoniums” in order to avoid the confusion, but the older common name ”geranium” is still in regular use.

It was highly appreciated over time and in today”s vast supply of plants, pelargonium is an extremely popular garden plant.
Originating from South Africa, it loves the light and summer sun. Running Pelargonium are more sensitive and must be protected from strong sunlight. The shapes of the flowers have been bred to a variety ranging from star-shaped to funnel-shaped, and colors include white, pink, red, orange-red, fuchsia to deep purple.

The plant is generally not very demanding and requires a minimum of care. Regularly it flowers in spring and summer, leaves and dried flowers should be cleaned. Soil must be rich, watering must be moderate, once a day in spring and summer, air humidity should be high.

Cuttings are made under the leaves that had flowers above and thus can form new branches, cuttings can be rooted in water. Every summer after flowering it needs a rest period of 5-6 weeks, in the winter should be kept at a lowered temperature, not less than 41 F/ 5 C, once a week watering and without much light. The running Pelargonium requires a slightly higher temperature in winter, about 54 F/ 12 C.

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