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Green or black tea?

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The researchers say that tea, green or black, is beneficial to health. Tea is rich in antioxidants, helps to lower cholesterol in the body, improves blood circulation and may even reduce the extent of developing some cancers.

The custom of tea was widespread in China and Japan for thousands of years ago. According to statistics, a Japan smoker is less likely than an European or American one to get ill of lung cancer. Also, consumers of tea are more protected from the risk of stomach cancer illness or increased blood pressure. Some doctors say that a cup of tea with every meal has a substantial effect in controlling the increasing number of cancer patients in a country.

Flavonoids are water soluble antioxidants, naturally present in tea, fruits and vegetables. The research scientists have concluded that certain flavonoids reduce cardiovascular disease incidence, incidence of cancer and of degenerative diseases related to aging.
Researchers at the National Institute of Health and Environmental Protection in Bilthoven, the Netherlands, concluded that 69% of people who consume an average 4 to 5 cups of tea per day are more protected against illnesses than a person who consumes less than 2 - 3 cups.
In addition, researchers in Australia have noted that a cup of tea would be the next weapon in the fight against skin cancer. Those who are hypotensive should drink tea because it is a very good pacemaker. Green tea may also prevent Alzheimer's disease, a degenerative disease affecting the brain areas that control memory, language and behaviour. Also, because of caffeine and tannin combined with essential oils, it has a special taste.
New York Academy of Medicine held a symposium entitled Tea physical and mental effects which showed that tea compared to coffee, do not cause nervousness, sleeplessness and stomach pain, regardless of the amount drunk. Tea is a miraculous medicine for maintaining health, with an extraordinary power to prolong life. Tea can also help reduce dental plaque. According to researchers at the Tokyo Dental College it fights against dental bacteria and gum disease.

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