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Growing Roses the Organic Way

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When a gardener decides to plant roses in his beautiful garden, he will always think that although wonderful, they are very annoying because of their special needs and care.

Many prefer to grow roses using chemical substances and fertilizers in order to avoid most of the complications that may appear according to environment or season. But these superb flowers will grow in your garden even if you choose to use the organic way.

Growing roses the organic way is not different from growing any other plants the same way. You must remember that organic gardening does not involve only giving up chemical substances. You must provide the plants with all they need to develop and if they have a healthy growth they will resist more easily to diseases and vermin.

Unfortunately, these facts are more difficult to put into practice, especially when we deal with something as delicate and sensual as roses. Also, gardeners are very reluctant when it comes to choosing the rose type to grow. The basic rule is to pick the type of rose you wish to plant according to the specifics of the climate you live in.

If you wish to make only minor changes in the garden and you intend to plant this romantic sweet-scented flower in order to care for it in the organic way, you have to follow a few steps:
  • Pick the rose type according to the specifics of the climate you live in. tea roses, for instance, grow very well in warm areas. Certain types of Japanese rose also resist during mild winters.
  • Pick those roses that are resilient to the diseases specific to your area.
  • After picking the type of rose you like, gather information on their proper care.
  • Before planting make sure the soil is ready. For this, you must add natural fertilizers. Also, do not forget about its pH, which should be slightly acid, with values between 6.0 ? 6.5.
  • When planting the rose, the weather must be sunny and warm. In very warm climates, the planting process should take place before dusk when the sun is not so bright.
  • Leave between the rose and any other plants enough space to let the air flow freely.
  • Plant various types of vegetation in the garden in order to keep the insect population at a low level.
  • Water the roots, not the leaves, and during the dry or extremely warm periods take special care with the watering process.
  • Provide regular nutrients to the plant in spring when they are flowering and in midsummer when the sun is very bright.
  • Try to deal with small problems before they become severe.
Even if it might seem difficult, growing roses in the organic way can be learnt and in time it can become a technique that you may use for all plants in the garden, giving you the satisfaction that they develop naturally.

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