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Well, how cool are they, you will decide.

All wallpapers posted here are original work from 3DataDesign. They are designed at high resolution 1600 x 1200px and 1920 x 1200px for normal and widescreen monitors.

Bigger resolutions that these are unusual, and all that you have to do is to pick the proper wallpaper (normal or wide, depends of your monitor), use 'stretch to fit' option to adjust it at your (usually lower) screen resolution, and set it as desktop background without any quality loss or significant deformation.

I tried not only to 'wow' you by using some super sophisticated Photoshop techniques, but through the means of composition to send you an emotion, a slice from my thoughts and feelings. If I really did it, again, as said before, you will decide.

All images can be used as digital inspiration for whatever graphic work you have in mind, but please support us and link to our site in order to keep this service free. You may also put them as background for your MySpace or Twitter account, for your mobile phone, iPad, or other devices.

Occasionally, for 'desperate needs' we'll release the image source, but remember, this will be only an exception. Ask for it and we'll see. Any feedback is welcomed, especially if you use some of our work for your projects. Updates will come, but that depends of inspiration, time, and ... money :-). Check weekly for new designs. Ask, if you need any special graphics, an advice, or just a kind word... :-)

Enjoy our work, and have fun !

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