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Emo Style

You see me coming your way
But you do not want to be seen with me
I am a disgrace, you say,
But why you keep calling me back...

I cannot let this go on
I must put and end to it
You say you love me
So show me that love

You have hurten me before
But this time it will be different
Because have no heart left for you to break ...
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emo kiss angel
resolution: 3200x1200
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winged emotion
resolution: 3200x1200
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dark angel in pain
resolution: 3200x1200
1 heart with wings
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This page has:
Emo wallpapers at medium resolution of 1024x768px and 1280x1014px, some dual screen monitor high resolution wallpapers also, for emo guy or girl with two screens computer configuration.
You'll find here emotional pictures, photos of emo concept, emo kiss, emo ghotic, emo broken heart state of mind.
Each wallpaper can be used as background for your mobile phone, Twitter or Myspace account.

Update history
Dual screen wallpapers
Last uploaded: emo kiss angel - sad kiss from my angel, uploaded by 3DataDesign
Recent uploaded:
  • winged emotion - broken wings emo, uploaded by 3DataDesign
  • dark angel in pain - pain is my soul, pain is myself, uploaded by 3DataDesign
Normal and widescreen wallpapers
Last uploaded: emo scream, uploaded by 3DataDesign
Recent uploaded:
  • my emo wounded angel, uploaded by 3DataDesign
  • broken heart emo, uploaded by 3DataDesign
  • emo attitude, uploaded by 3DataDesign
Have fun and enjoy !
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