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    Most advertisers use print advertising as part of their marketing strategy. However, it only works when the right message gets to the right person.
What's right for one ad campaign may be wrong for another.
So how do you know what's right for you?
To answer this question, you must consider your ad as an extend image of your bussiness, as Nan Eagleson from Nan Eagleson Design, said. Is like broadcasting your style, personality and hence attracts customers who appreciate this.
Here are some tips for designing good ads:
  • Know who you are targeting and focus your message to them.
  • Make sure the ad reflects your product and image
  • Make sure the ad contains clear information on where you are, and how to reach you
  • Don't let the design overshadow the message.
  • Have a logo professionally designed and use it. A logo design is the visual equivalent of your name. Your name gives form to your identity, and a recognizable identity is the name of the game in advertising.
  • Design and establish a look. Stick to it. Maintain it. Repeat it wherever it suits. Repetition is very important in advertising, it helps establishing the subcontionous connections between your identity and the product.
  • Make your message as simple and concise as possible. The ad needs to be eye-catching, and too much copy can create clutter and detract from the design. Do noy use long explaining sentences. Two impact words will do the job much better.
  • Use your ad as an introduction only. Do not overload it with non-relevant information at this point. Reserve that for latter disscutions.
  • Your ad should encourage the reader to do something, visit a store, make a call, or simply click on that ad if is online.
  • More tips (rather related with your graphic design of your ad)
  • Do not place a period at the end of a headline. Periods tend to indicate to readers that there is no need to read on.
  • Begin headlines at top left. Studies have shown that the reader's eye naturally falls to the upper left corner.
  • Serif typefaces are regarded as the most legible font; nearly every newspaper in the world uses them due to their high readability. Readers are comfortable with them.
  • Avoid color headlines; researchers have noted that readers find colored headlines distracting. Studies have also shown that the darker the color, the greater the comprehension. Keep the text black if possible
  • Black text on a tinted background also increases comprehension. It is easier on the readers' eyes than the black and white contrast.
  • Keep your layout clean, including using consistent type styles.
  • A traditional ad layout is: photo/illustration over headline over body copy. This is not etched in stone, but it has been proven effective.
  • Remember that for every advertising rule, there is an exception that is just as effective.

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