10 Ways To Make Your Ad Command Attention

  • Place colorful graphs, pie charts and other charts in your ad copy. Use charts that will grab a persons eye and also support your product claims
  • Highlight buying incentives like free bonuses and money back guarantees. You could place them in boxes or in front of a different colored background.
  • Use short sentences or sentence fragments in the b.ody of your ad copy. A short burst of words can catch a skimmers eye with one quick glance.
  • Highlight all the important keywords and phrases in your ad copy. You could use bolding, underlining and color to highlight the important words.
  • Place attention grabbing pictures above and within your ad copy. A powerful technique is to use before and after pictures of people using your product.
  • Use a headline that catches the attention of your target audience. One of the most effective ways is to use a free offer as your headline.
  • Make your ad's keywords and phrases standout by enlarging the text. This technique works wonders with headlines and sub headlines.
  • Make your products list of benefits and features stand out by using a symbol in front of each of them. The symbol could be a dash, solid circle, star, etc.
  • Use attention grabbing adjectives to describe your product. For example sizzling, incredible, high power, ultramodern, killer, eye popping, etc.
  • Provide testimonials from satisfied customers in your ad. The testimonials should include specific and believable results you customers have received.

  • by Hartenberg Report


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