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Marvel - superheroes vs. supervillains
65 punisher
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64 machine man
machine man
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63 machine man
machine man
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62 jax
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61 iron man
iron man
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60 iron man
iron man
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59 iron man
iron man
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58 iron man
iron man
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57 iron man
iron man
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 Appraise Your Spiderman Comic Book Collection
by Mike Selvon

The Batman comics are about action.

Even if you have no intention of selling your favorite Spiderman comic book collection, it may be nice to know the value of it, if for nothing more than conversational purposes. For one thing, it's just very cool to even have a Spiderman cartoon book collection, since most people's collections tend to be a bit more random.

But someone who went through the trouble to keep up with an entire series, who has collected the actual set, something like a Batman or a Spiderman cartoon book collection, has something special. This is especially true considering how many times some of the storylines have split apart or gone off into alternate universes.

The best way to go about appraising the value of your Spiderman comic book collection, or of course, is to start looking at price guides. This is true whether it is a small collection or whether it is quite comprehensive.

But don't look at just one. There are several out there, but what you should do is reference at least three. The Official Overstreet Cartoon Book Price Guide is a popular one, but if you can find a Marvel cartoon book price guide, and a Spiderman comic book price guide, you can get a better idea of the market by comparing your results.

One great thing about The Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide is the fact that it is considered by some collectors to be the price guide bible for all kinds of cartoon book collectors. Another great thing is its comprehensive nature.

For instance, you can compare the price of your Spiderman comic book collection to that of other types of collections. Gemstone boasts -well-researched pricing- and -in-depth historical information,- not to mention tips on grading your books.

Markets do strange things sometimes, and that's another reason to have many different sources, like a Spiderman cartoon book price guide and a Marvel cartoon book price guide. For instance, within the Marvel universe, a Spiderman book collection may fluctuate in value compared to other Marvel comics.

In the meantime, Marvel cartoon books may fluctuate in value compared to Image or DC Comics. So it helps to compare what the markets say about both that specific universe and that specific superhero.

If you want to sell your Spiderman cartoon book collection, the deciding factor is the price you set on it. You can consult various sources, such as the Marvel cartoon book price guide or the Official Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide.

In the end, though, your personal situation can either make the price higher or lower. If you are hesitant about selling it, make the price higher to make it worth selling. If you need money quickly, give it a price tag that will make it sell faster.

Either way, you have the final word on the price regardless of what your resources suggest for your Spiderman cartoon book collection.

A free gift awaits you along with a lot more information about the spiderman comic book collection at Mike Selvon's portal. Visit us and leave a comment at our cartoons blog.

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