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content description Description: Gallery of fantasy wallpapers, at resolution of 800x600px and 1024x768px sorted on different authors and categories: Luis Royo, Darell Sweet, Warrior Princess, Brom, Digital Fantasy, Boris Vallejo, Dragons, Frazier, Keith Parkinson, Whelan, Hardcore Fantasy, Heroic Fantasy, Miracles Fantasy
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Last subcategory added: fantasy girls wallpapers, beautiful, some of them may appear in your dreams, some are just games heroes but few are are simply, my fantasy :-)
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The Cathedral
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 Considerations about - How to write Fantasy

Writing a fantasy novel

If you ever thought about writing a fantasy novel here are some tips and pieces of advice you should consider. Writing a novel itself is not that daunting task as you maybe think. But once you start, just do not stop until the job is done. Here we go:

1. The first approach is get a good documentation about the world and time you want to write about. If it s a world from the past, try read as much documentation as possible, and you'll be surprised how much strange things happened that days, and how much 'alien' that world was. If your fantasy is in the future, read about previsions and predictions, about the presumated nature and science evolution, human evolution, man and machine, whatever.
Then start build your fantasy world from the scratch, make a map, build geography, build terrain and landscapes, places descriptions, environmental issues like vegetations and creatures. Assign your world a history with characters and legends, references, ......

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well. maybe you want to write stupid, learn some grammar
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