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content description Description: Wallpapers of classic artists at resolution of 800x600px and 1024x768px. Here are some names of classic and contemporary artists: Escher, Gaugain, Gustave Dore, Jackson Pollock, Kandinsky, Mattise, Raphael, Rembrandt, Van Gogh,Hieronymus Bosch, Chirico, more fineart wallpapers...
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New paintings added, like: Donna Isabel Cobos de Porcel, Colossus, The Burial of the Sardine, Saturn devouring one of his Children, more...
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M.C. Escher & Salvador Dali
425 The Burial of the Sardine
The Burial of the Sardine
800X600  1024X768
424 Saturn devouring one of his Children
Saturn devouring one of his Children
800X600  1024X768
423 Execution of the Rebels, May 3rd 1808
Execution of the Rebels, May 3rd 1808
800X600  1024X768
422 Old men eating supe
Old men eating supe
800X600  1024X768
421 Old ladies
Old ladies
800X600  1024X768
420 Goya - self portrait
Goya - self portrait
800X600  1024X768
419 Milkmaid of Bordeaux
Milkmaid of Bordeaux
800X600  1024X768
418 cliff citadel
cliff citadel
800X600  1024X768
417 what can you do more ?
what can you do more ?
800X600  1024X768
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 List of Some Famous Schools of Art
By Rajneesh Dubey

Schools of art or art schools are the institutions that are established for imparting education and training on arts with special focus on visual arts. Almost all wings of visual arts like graphic design, illustration, painting, photography and sculpture are taught in these institutions. Regular institutions also provide the degrees and certifications in fine arts and similar streams, but they do it only as a part of main curriculum which also includes the liberal arts and sciences. École des Beaux-Arts of France is considered to be the first art school of this kind. At art schools, whole culture ......

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