1. Is digital art real art ?
Usually digital art is understood in connection with a creative way of doing art, using a computer. Pure computer productions like video or audio recordings are not consider digital art, but they can be key components in what somebody may call “piece of art”. On the other hand, fractals, that are purely computer generated are considered to be genuine digital art.

Another sources used by artists are scanned drawings, paintings, collages or lithographs, reworked in order to add artistic value, and creating something different and new. Another way of doing digital art creating from the scratch, using the mouse or a graphics tablet. Using bitmap, or vector graphics software, the artist emulates the classic painting act , using tools from the software he use.

Today digital art definition is enhanced somehow, including all artwork in which digital technology was involved. Artwork that uses digital technology is considered by experts as digital art. On the other hand, a classic painting of a digital related item, character (like digital Superman) is included in this definition.

  Power and weakness of digital art.
Let’s start with the weakness. For some reasons some art experts do not consider digital art a form of “serious” art . They say that digital art is not at the same level like more traditional artwork like drawing or sculptures. The reason for that, probably resides in the belief that doing computer art is more like a programming act, or just letting the machine do a random job, without artist implication. Obviously this is not the case. 3D digital artists are using their software tools, yes maybe using a little bit of scripting language, or automating some tasks, but with imagination and talent, and overall the result is creative and totally new.

And that brings us at the power of digital art. The key word is technology revolution. The truth is that today graphic software is packed with more and more features, giving the artist a versatility and a graphic power, he wouldn’t dream of with say, 6-7 years before. Filters, brushes, forms, styles, layers are only a few of digital manipulation tools a good software has. Artist can create images impossible to create through classic art tools.

Three-dimensional graphics can be designed by use of software like Maya, 3D Max, Corel Bryce 3D, Poser and other modeling programs. Digital techniques like polygon surface manipulation, or spline control are hard to master and requires both computer and artistic skills. The artist should have knowledge of light physics and shadow effects on objects. He must deal with notions like points and polygons, image mapping, motion path, surface illumination, rendering etc.

From this point of view being, a digital artist is more difficult that a ‘classic’ one. But the results in most cases are rewarding.


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