(2) Is digital art real art ?
It's a long time since critics and scholars had a long debate about the fact that digital art has the breath and the feeling of the real art, or is just a random, mechanically, interconnected array of pseudo-artistic means with no, or rather accidentally way of expression. Is there a true message around a piece of art not produced by human mind or spirit ?

Well, in my opinion the answer depends of lots of things, probably one of most important of them is the recipient, or in other words the human destination of message, human eye and mind. The art itself being a way of communication, the basic problem resides in how much of this communication act is premeditated, wanted and shared by the artist with the community; the subject can be everything from a state of mind to a revolution riot, but always there will be a two sided bridge, a living source and destination. And this is not happening in pure digitally created art. Let’s take for example a computer fractal generator, or a sound sequencer (or both) they can create a randomly beautiful strange world, but there is no communication here; just reflections. Is this art ? No. Is like watching a splendid “Saturnset” over the methane ocean from it’s satellite Europa. Visionary, inspiring, but alien.

On the other hand, if behind an abstract whatever piece of art, resides a human mind, yes , there is interaction and communication, there are feelings and genuine content to be spread and shared with the world. One may argue that at the first glance, there is no difference; I say that valued art always sets a certain level of tension between creator and viewer. So, no matter what the means will be, Maya or vegetal paint, lasers or clay, real art is a unique experience, valued only by the profoundness of the creator’ spirit.

One may ask if an artist like Jackson Pollok or Salvador Dali will have today the same success like in the 50’s. Probably not, but all at it’s time. With today’s possibilities, expectations are much higher. Still, no skilled programmer was able to recreate Van Gogh’s Starry Night , but no doubt, I’m expecting for a ‘starry night’ of the third millennium !

After all, art is just a way for single poor human to face the rest of the universe.

March, 15, 2007


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