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royalty-free - what is this ?
 All fine art images sold on our digital fine art gallery are sold royalty-free, meaning that the buyer has to pay only once for an image. There is no time limitation for any purchased image. For restrictions on this usage and details, see section terms and conditions from main menu.
what kind of image is good for me ?
 All images from our suite are presented under minimum 2 modes: low and print. First is suited for a web page or printing at low resolution and size (A5 format), and for any Internet graphics,postards etc. Print version is suited for printing at medium size (A4 format) and is delivered as a TIFF,CMYK format file at 300dpi resolution. Some images with proper quality are presented under mode high print, that means A3 format print size. Print si high print are suited for book illustrations, magazines, catalogues, or posters of small and medium dimensions. You need image source file (psd file) when you want to make great amount of modifications or use parts of image. (layers)
how do I pay for a image ?
  For on-line payments, 3Data accepts all major credit cards for purchase. Customers also have the option of creating an online account with us, allowing your billing information to be saved for future purchases. For situations when on-line payment is not suited, you may pay via banking transfer (for custom design projects, posters etc). For this situations, or if download failed, the buyer will receive the product on electronical support CD-ROM, DVD etc.
after an image is purchased, how do I get it? ?
 Once your payment has been processed and approved, at your choice:
(1) an e-mail with attached product will be sent to you, or
(2) you will be redirected to a secure zone where you may download the product. This link is available to you for up to 6 hours after purchase. Should you have any problems downloading an image, please contact our tehnical departament for further assistance.
you may join us
 One can promote his(her) artistic designs using our gallery as independent digital art publisher. For details and infos, feel free to contact us at 3datagallery@3datadesign.com.
images on-line and available immediately
Our images are available on-line. In minutes, after you found something proper for your project, the respective image can be on your hard disk; or you may get it on CD-ROM if you have no on line payment capabilities. Our images (in fact, compositions) are royalty free and a good alternative to expansive photos with limited licence found on selling pictures sites.

customized images at your request
If you find an proper for your project, we can bring it at your needs; you can have it integrated with your logo, slogan, advertising text, or whatever graphic design you wish.

Images (posters) designed from scratch, at your request
Your stuff (photos, high resolution scanning, on your field of activity) + our design elements + creativity + unconventional graphics, togheter, all these may melt in your new visual identity. No matter we are talking about a poster, logo, catalog, or web site, we offer you a good opportunity of having a step in front of your competitors..

access to image sources
If you wish to have deep modification on an image, or have access at parts of it, for a reasonable price you can have the source file (.psd file, all our images are worked in Adobe Photoshop), so your designer can unleash his creativity.

exclusive rights at your request
We are offering exclusivity on our images. That means that 3Data grants that buyer is the sole owner of that product. Exclusivity works on unsold images (yet), nevertheless we may cease selling for an image, if you accept a few sellings before yours. An image sold with exclusive rights is erased from selling list, but it will be still visible on site.
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