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The Titans is recommendable to any fan of Age of Mythology, particularly those who liked the idea of the game but maybe had trouble getting over the learning curve.

The expansion pack to last year's outstanding real-time strategy game Age of Mythology includes some big, new additions. Literally. Appropriately titled "The Titans," this add-on lets you summon enormous monstrosities to support your armies in the latter stages of a battle. These creatures are so powerful that only a large, concentrated force, or another titan, can defeat them. Furthermore, The Titans lets you play as an entirely new civilization, Atlantis, in addition to the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse civilizations included in the first game. Atlantis figures prominently in the expansion pack's single-player campaign, and the addition of the completely new civilization fleshes out this complex real-time strategy game in skirmishes both against the computer and against other players.
Atlantis brings its enormous titan to bear against an unfortunately unprepared foe. Rather than add a smattering of new units and technologies to the existing civilizations, The Titans emphasizes the new fourth civilization and makes few changes to the original civs from Age of Mythology. As with the other factions, you don't just play as "Atlantis" but instead can choose from its three major gods--Kronos (Zeus' father), Oranos (Kronos' father), and Gaia (Oranos' wife). Nine minor gods, including Helios, Atlas, and Prometheus, support the major gods, and you choose from pairs of them as you climb the technology tree during a match. So, just like in Age of Mythology, your choice of major god influences certain key abilities you have while commanding the Atlantean forces, while your choice of minor gods during the course of a match grants you ......

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