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AquaNox is a trademark for a series of submarine-based shooter/simulation games set in distant future. The collection includes AquaNox, AquaNox 2: Revelation and the yet unrealeased AquaNox: The Angels Tears. The predecesor and the starter of the series is the on MS-DOS released title Archimedean Dynasty. The series are known for high quality graphic and audio performances and poor scores in reviews due to a shallow character development.

In the middle of the 21st century, the resources have become sparse, forcing the enterprises and states to find new sources below the sea level. This resulted in the construction of multiple mining stations beneath Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans. However the capital and work intensive mines were not able to cover the needs of their respective owners, thus resulting in a large number of wars and conflicts throughout the globe and finally provoking a nuclear holocaust. The few who could afford the escape, fled to the now refuge-harbouring, overfilled stations, leaving the poor and unprivileged to certain death.

The nuclear winters covered the surface of the planet with a thick layer of snow and ice, making the life outside impossible. But the life went on many thousands of metres below the sea level, in the world of Aqua. The following events take place in the middle of the 27th century.

Aqua is divided into political power blocs, such as the Aquatoria of the capitalistic, democratically governed Altantic Federation. the oligarchically ruled Arabic Clans Union and the monoarchically ruled Russo-Japanese Shogunate. In the South Pacific lies the, stirred up by surface storms, Tonardo Zone, an anarchical and ruthless community of mercenaries, pirates, buccaneers and outlaws.

A single company has long ago monopolized many industries necessary for human survival underwater ......

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