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The missions are still brief, the control is still awkward, and in 2003, those great graphics just don't look so great anymore.

While we see quite a few games that involve water of some kind, almost all of them have action that takes place above the surface. But of course, this isn't always the case. The 2001 release of AquaNox took players underwater and essentially brought a simplified version of the action and mission structure of a Wing Commander-like space simulation along with it. The game looked highly impressive if nothing else, but its gameplay left much to be desired. Two years later, the team at Massive Development has put the finishing touches on a sequel, but not a whole lot has changed. The missions are still brief, the control is still awkward, and in 2003, those great graphics just don't look so great anymore. AquaNox 2 doesn't fix the gameplay flaws of its predecessor, and doesn't live up to the original's graphical presentation either. AquaNox 2: Revelation is basically an action game, but it's also one that's been weighed down by layer upon layer of dialogue, as well as by a pretty clunky interface. You spend your between-mission time clicking around to different spots, which open up windows that show a person you can speak with. Clicking on the person opens up another window that shows the conversation between your character, the absurdly naive William Drake, and the person you've clicked on. These conversations are designed to give the game a plot, but more often than not, the sequences are filled with near-meaningless babble. Eventually you stumble onto a conversation or two that has some bearing on the gameplay, and a new mission is opened up in the dock ......

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