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Claude Monet also known as Oscar-Claude Monet or Claude Oscar Monet (November 14, 1840 ? December 5, 1926) was a French impressionist painter. His painting Impression: Sunrise was the source for the naming of the Impressionism movement.

Monet was born to Adolphe and Louise-Justine Monet of 45 Rue Laffitte, in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, but his family moved in 1845 to Le Havre in Normandy when he was five. He was christened as Oscar-Claude at the church of Nortre-Dame-de-Lorette. His father wanted him to go into the family (grocery store) business, but Claude Monet wanted to become an artist. His mother was a singer, both parents were second-generation Parisians.

On the first of April 1851 Monet entered the Le Havre secondary school. He first became known locally for his charcoal caricatures, which he would sell for ten to twenty francs. Monet also undertook his first drawing lessons from Jean-Francois Ochard, a former student of Jacques-Louis David (1748 - 1825). On the beaches of Normandy, he met fellow artist Eug?ne Boudin, who became his mentor and taught him to use oil paints. Boudin taught Monet en plein air (outdoor) techniques for painting.

On 28 January, 1857 his mother died. Now 16 years old, he left school and his widowed, childless aunt Marie-Jeanne took him into her home.

When Monet travelled to Paris to visit The Louvre, he would see many painters imitating famous artists' work. Monet, having brought his paints and other tools with him, would instead go and sit by a window and paint what he saw.

In June of 1861 Monet joined the First Regiment of African Light Cavalry in Algeria for two years of a seven-year ......

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