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Crysis may very well be the most graphically advanced game on the show floor, and we've got the latest details from the executive producer.

Executive producer Rob Letts gave us a tour of two levels on display, both showing real gameplay. We got another chance to see the incredible battle against an alien Hunter, a huge, mechanical walking tank that's seen at the end of some of the Crysis trailers. Be careful--don't read further if you don't want spoilers to the plot.

According to Letts, the game has three acts. The first deals with a mysterious asteroid that crashes to Earth on a remote Pacific island. The impact didn't vaporize the island, so something strange is going on. Unfortunately, the North Koreans get there first and seal off the island, and you're a member of a US Special Forces team that parachutes onto the island to investigate. The first act is characterized by tense jungle warfare against the North Koreans.

The second act occurs after the asteroid opens up, revealing itself to be an alien vessel. The vessel somehow flash freezes the surrounding jungle, turning it into a frozen paradise, and changing the nature of the game, the environments, and the opponents. It is during this act that you are returned to the aircraft carrier that is your home base, and it is here where the aliens attack with the Hunter.

The third act sounds like it'll be kept a surprise for now, but the first two acts both look and sound incredible, from what we saw. Crysis will support both DirectX 9 and DirectX 10, which means that you can run it on a Windows XP PC, as well as an upcoming Windows Vista PC. You'll ......

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