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Dinosaur is a feature film released in 2000 by The Walt Disney Company. It combines the use of live-action backgrounds with computer animation of prehistoric creatures, notably the titular dinosaurs, done by a special CGI unit that predated the creation of Disney's "Secret Lab" computer-generated imagery department.
An iguanodon egg is stolen from its nest by an oviraptor, which starts it on a journey that ends it up an Lemur Island, an island inhabited by lemurs and other creatures. The baby iguanodon Aladar soon emerges from the egg, to the fear and delight of the tiny mammals. The lemurs are initially cautious about the dinosaur, but they nonetheless take him in and raise him.
Not long after Aladar has grown up, disaster strikes. A tremendous meteorite falls from the sky, landing in the ocean. The resulting fiery shockwave destroys Lemur Island, but Aladar and his adopted family are able to escape.
They soon are attacked by a pack of velociraptors, but are rescued when a herd of dinosaurs crosses their path, scaring the predators off. The herd is heading for their traditional breeding grounds, believed to have been spared from the meteoroid's blast. Kron, the leader of the herd is a merciless iguanodon with a strong belief in the survival of the fittest. He leads the herd at a strong pace, showing no mercy for the weaker dinosaurs. This causes strong tension between him and Aladar, which is only emphasised by Aladar's attraction to Neera, Kron's sister.
While the herd travels, they discover that they are being pursued by two large predatorial dinosaurs called Carnotaurs. Aladar, the lemurs and several weaker Dinosaurs get left behind as the herd picks up it's pace. The group struggles with several hardships, but eventually finds ......

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