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A dragon is a mythological creature, typically depicted as a large and powerful serpent or other reptile, with magical or spiritual qualities.
The various figures now called dragons most likely have no single origin, but spontaneously came to be in several different cultures around the world, based loosely on the appearance of a snake and possibly fossilized dinosaur remains. Chinese dragons (among others) are generally seen as benevolent, whereas European dragons are usually malevolent. However, malevolent dragons are not restricted to Europe and also occur in Persian mythology (see Azhi Dahaka) and other cultures. Malevolent dragons are prominent figures in Christian belief. In Revelation 12:3, an enormous red dragon with seven heads is described, whose tail sweeps one third of the stars from heaven down to earth (held to be symbolic of the fall of the angels). In Revelation 12:9, Satan is identified as this "great red dragon", who was cast down to earth along with his angels. The biblical dragon carries over thirty possible references, with the fire-breathing leviathan described in Job 41. Strong's Hebrew 03882: [1], 08568, 08577, and Greek 1404. Most of these references speak of a foreboding but common animal. In iconography, some Christian Saints are depicted in the act of killing a dragon: for instance, Saint George at the coat of arms of Moscow, or, in Italy, Saint Mercurialis, who was the first bishop of the city of Forl?. In the Book of Job Chapter 41, the sea monster Leviathan, which has some dragonlike characteristics, is described as God talks about the "king of beasts" that lived upon the Earth at a former time. God fed Leviathan to Israel while they wandered in the wilderness for forty years (Psalm 74:14). Dobrynya Nikitich slaying Zmey Gorynych, by ......

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