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Final Fantasy , arguably the breakthrough entry in the influential series, is a perfect fit for the Game Boy Advance and is a must-play experience for fans of role-playing games.
The Good: A faithful adaptation of one of the greatest role-playing games ever made; excellent story filled with memorable characters; beautifully composed musical score; lengthy quest and plenty of interesting places to explore. The Bad: Some of the slight differences from the original may put off hardcore fans.
All these years after its humble beginnings on the Nintendo Entertainment System, Final Fantasy remains widely regarded as one of the best, longest-running role-playing game series out there. Despite how recent installments have pushed video game production values to new heights, many longtime fans maintain that Final Fantasy IV (known as Final Fantasy II when it was released in North America in '91) is the breakthrough game in the series. Featuring a fast-paced, emotionally charged story and a cast of memorable characters, plus dozens of hours' worth of entertaining gameplay, Final Fantasy IV set the tone and the high standard for subsequent installments. Now you can experience this classic on the Game Boy Advance, and sure enough, it's as great as ever.
One of the undisputed classics from the Final Fantasy series is just about as terrific as ever now that it's on the Game Boy Advance. Final Fantasy IV is about Cecil, a dark knight and captain of the Kingdom of Baron's mighty airship fleet. Baron's increasingly warlike tendencies push Cecil into a moral quandary at the beginning of the game, but the moment he questions his orders, he's stripped of his rank and given the lowly task of delivering a package to a nearby town. Cecil ......

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